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About Me

Read all about me. (Donít worry, Iíve given you the abbreviated version of my life here. For more about me, go to the FAQ section or Random Facts.)

I grew up in Ohio. I got tired of shoveling snow, piling on fifteen layers of clothing, and blowing my nose for six months of the year, so I escaped after college to the sunshine of Florida. Okay, over the years Iíve come to appreciate cooler weather, good hair days thanks to low humidity, and the fact that hurricanes donít whip across Lake Erie and flatten your home. But thereís nothing like going barefoot year-round or watching dolphins frolic in the surf, so Iíve happily made Florida my home. Today, I live in Miami with my husband, Mike, our two children, and an assortment of pets (currently a dog, a cat, and a bird).

I have a bachelorís degree from Ashland College (now known as Ashland University) and a masterís degree in magazine journalism from Ohio University. Iíve worked as a newspaper reporter, freelance writer, and corporate public relations writer. When Iím not writing, I enjoy reading, traveling, and hanging with my kids, family, and friends. Although I donít watch a lot of TV, I can sometimes get wrapped up in reality shows, particularly MTVís Made, My Super Sweet Sixteen, or TLCís What Not to Wear. I also like walking, swimming, and listening to music. In spite of having a classical harpist for a mother, I am a fan of Eminem, Pink, Plain White Tís, Bruce Springsteen, and Nickelback, to name a few.

For more details about my life, click on FAQs or Random Facts.