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Did you know that the first astronauts to eat hot dogs in space were aboard the Apollo 11? The year was 1969. Did you know that each July, Americans eat enough hot dogs to circle the Earth seven times? These are just a couple of the fun facts you’ll discover in HOT DIGGITY DOG – THE HISTORY OF THE HOT DOG.

The book tells the story of how the hot dog was brought to America and how it became one of our favorite foods.

The illustrations are incredible. Illustrator Elwood Smith has a style that I can only describe as a cross between editorial cartoon and graphic novel. Every page is filled with fun art. Each time I study a page, I notice something different in the pictures. Now that’s fun.

What reviewers are saying about Hot Diggity Dog:

  • “Fun facts fly fast and furious…Don’t read before lunch.” – Booklist
  • “The narrative offers sidebars with factual tidbits galore.” – Kirkus
  • “Sidebars patterned with a retro-cool look clash with the Mad magazine-style cartoon art, but the visual chaos is intentional…” – Booklist
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