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25 Things I Havenít Told the World about Me ó until today!


When Iím home, Iím barefoot. I grew up in Ohio, and I would walk down our long driveway barefoot in the middle of a snow storm to get the mail. My mother was constantly yelling at me to put on some shoes.


Brussels Sprouts gross me out.


My favorite Broadway musical is Wicked, followed by Billy Elliot.


I could live on cookie dough ice cream.


I mostly hated P.E. when I was a kidÖbut I did like dodge ball. Go figure.


When I won the school spelling bee in sixth grade, the boy I beat was my crush. I felt so bad that I baked him brownies.


I was a band geek. I played flute and bassoon. Then, when it came time for marching band, I picked up the trumpet, just to add volume.


Napping is one of my favorite hobbies, although about 75% of the time, I canít fall asleep because my mind is racing.


I hated my freckles when I was little, but grew to like them.


I was so shy that I dropped out of nursery school. It wasnít until college that I came out of my shell.


I love the sound of rain on a tin roof.


My musical tastes today are broad. I can listen to Eminem, The Frey, Pink, Manhattan Transfer, even Mozart. Iím not fond of hard-core country music, but otherwise, bring it on.


If Iím feeling sad, I cuddle with my cat, Pumpkin. His purr is one of the best sounds in the world.


I knocked out a baby tooth in kindergarten when I ran into another girl in gym class. She had to get stitches in her head. Perhaps this was the start of my hate-hate relationship with P.E.?


I donít watch a lot of TV, but I like news shows and reality TV. I really like the quirky stuff like the tallest children in the world or watching doctors separate conjoined twins.


If you have a wicked sense of humor, chances are Iíll like you.


I tend to over-plan. When my husband and son were going on a trip together, I handed them their itinerary. My son joked, ďDid you schedule in our bathroom stops, too?Ē


People who donít know me well assume that Iím pretty laid back. Dig deeper, though, and youíll find a competitor.


I like to play games like Taboo, Scrabble, and Yahtzee.


The first time I took ice skating lessons, the instructor asked my mother if Iíd had polio. Seriously. I ended up being a halfway decent skater.


I wanted a normal first name when I was little ó something common like Michelle or Beth. It wasnít until I was older that I appreciated that my parents gave me a name that was unique.


Before my husband and I had kids, weíd sometimes see three movies in a row at the theater.


I love to hike in the woods, but I hate to camp. Give me a fully equipped cabin in the middle of nowhere and I am happy.


I still remember the humiliation I felt in sixth grade when we were weighed in front of all of our classmates. I was the fattest kid in the class. It wasnít until I was much older, though, that I understood why the tiniest, skinniest girl in our class cried as the teacher picked her up and forced her to stand on the scale. She was experiencing the same feelings as me.


I am proud of my kids and my husband and I donít tell them enough how much I love them.